07 Sep

…a Christian

As the song says, “I was once lost but now I’m found”. Jesus died for me and he redeemed me. I am now a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come. I have a personal relationship with God. I love Jesus and I’m proud to call myself a Christian. November 9, 2006, I surrendered my life to Jesus and since then God did a lot of great things in my life. And I know, even before that God was taking care of me even though I didn’t notice that time. If I were to enumerate all the good things that God has done in my life, it will consume all your time to read it. One thing is for sure, God is GOOD. Again, I’m a Christian but I’m not yet perfect. I’m a work in progress!

…a disciple

A disciple is someone who follows God, fellowships with others and fishes for people. I follow God. The Bible is my sole authority in everyday life. I am a member of Victory Laoag, a church that exists to honor God and make disciples. I disciple people, I help them follow God, fellowship with others and fish for people.

…a campus missionary

I believe that I’m called by God to reach the campuses in full-time capacity. I love the next generation and I believe in them. I love this job. I believe that if we will change the campus, we will eventually change the world. We need to reach out to the CAMPUS because:

1. The campus is where the future leaders of society are located.

2. The campus is where major movements have started.

3. The values of the campus will become the values of society.

4. The campus is where the most available, trainable masses are located.

5. Majority of those who become Christians make the decision during their student years.

6. The campus is where thousands of international students from unreached nations are studying and are very open to being reached for Christ.

7. God has promised to pour out His Spirit in the last days upon sons and daughters.

8. When you reach a student, you touch his or her family.



I am a christian. I am a disciple. I am a campus missionary.

But.. all these are nothing apart from my Savior, Jesus Christ! Because in Him, I have everything.

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